Back to School Means Lots of Savings!  Latest Specials and Trends for the upcoming School Year!

Back to School Means Lots of Savings! Latest Specials and Trends for the upcoming School Year!

Hard to believe it's already school time again?! I have to be honest I am slightly celebrating deep down inside after bringing my kids to work with me all summer, but ready for our routine to get back in place! I'm even more excited about these back to school specials and the upcoming tax free weekend that kicks off tomorrow!  With all this sale talk you have to ask yourself what are this years have to have items gonna be?  What trends are everyone going to be obsessing over? Well we have you covered with the details right here!
   Let's kick off the trend report with denim... Because let's be honest denim is almost the best color out there because it literally matches EVERYTHING, you can even dress it up or wear it casual!  It comes in all cuts, colors, styles, washes and on and on but here is what is fixing to be the next biggest trend in denim since skinnies... BELL BOTTOMS aka Flare Denim!!!! Eek I'm so excited since I love bell bottoms and so does my inner hippie!  They are super cool with any slouchy blouse, basic tee and wedges which is another item I love but that's a whole other post... So here are some styles we carry and love to personally wear here at Annette's!
Ugh... You see what I'm talking about!!! How could you resist that Kate Moss look in the middle? 
Needing some super cute tops to pair up with your kickin' flare bell bottoms on the first day?  Here are some tops that we love to pair up with our bottoms here as well...
This waffle top is a go to staple piece that should be hanging in every girls closet especially if you have style!  It's clean, classic and timeless which make any look, look sophisticated and on point without little to know effort! Do a little front tuck and bam you look like Jessica Alba on the streets...;)
If that's not enough you can also pair with a flannel of any sort. You can wear it as a cardigan or even tie around your waist for some added texture and edge to your look (A person favorite of mine!)  Here's what I'm talking about...
If dresses are more your style we have that too here at Annette's! This is one of my favorite since I am totally into the lace up from peasant inspired look! You can't go wrong with a LBD  (Little Black Dress) and this one has the edge and sass that I am all about!
For the kiddos in your life we also have stumbled across a fabulous backpack accessory that all the kids are freaking out about and that is the Wiffer Sniffer backpack freshener! Each one comes with a convenient clip to attach on any accessory and the scent compliments the character for example the peach smells like peaches, the pizza like pizza and so on... My kids and their friends are loving these things. I even found one in my backpack that I carry (my mom purse) the other day and it smelled really freaking good so I have to say I'm a fan of them as well! They're only $9.95 and the mystery ones are the hottest items right now since they are the one of a kind sniffers!  This is a sample of them and there are more online if you click the image for the link!
So now that we have inspired you with some amazing looks for not only school but anywhere here's what this weekends specials include:
There is also an online sale here with 50% off all summer items! Use code "SUMMER" at checkout to apply the discount! This is a great way to stack up on extra savings and hot looks for back to school!



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