The Story Behind It All...

Hey girls!

If you have found yourself on this page then you’re wondering how this women owned and operated company got started, how we ended up where we are today and what the secret ingredient to being who we are as individuals and a brand is. Well I would love to tell you...

Growing up I was always a fun and funky kid. My parents coming home to new art projects and home renovations all the time can confirm this. I wanted to express my creativity somewhere unique and impactful. As I grew older and started what began as a small company with my mom, I soon realized how powerful my energy was and what I was destined to do.

At the age of 15, I started my first company with my mom, Annette. This business came to be a huge success that was full of hardship and hard work. We developed Gina, our apparel brand, that stands for Girls IN Action. When my mother and I decided it was time for me to move forward with the brand, it was a really scary time for me. I had always been behind the scenes in my creative oasis just doing my thing...Think of it like riding a bike, I was a total badass in my driveway with my training wheels on going faster than everyone else, but when the wheels come off and there’s nothing to catch you when you fall other than concrete, that’s when shit gets real!

What I hadn’t realized was that God was already lining all the stars up from the very beginning… He blessed me with a creative gift, put the right people in the right place at the right time, gave me the most loyal girl gang I could ever ask for and all the years spent beating the pavement with my mom had taught me more than I could ever learn in any classroom. While I’m still navigating the ways with my training wheels off, I feel extremely grateful to know that I have people riding right beside me. I’m just one individual with the vision, it is my girl gang that works the real magic!

Gina’s vision for when you shop with us, wear our clothes or enjoy our goods is that you feel like you are a part of our journey and our tribe. A tribe that never stops pursuing the vision and dreams of others and the collective process of creativity. A piece of each of us goes into everything we produce for you to enjoy the full potential of looking and feeling your best. We are women owned and operated deep in the heart of Texas and love being innovative and edgy in our look while staying true to our retro roots!

To those who have supported us from the beginning and even those who might not have purchased anything from us before, thank you! We would not be here today if it wasn’t for you all! Be sure to follow us on social media and join in on the fun. We love to hear and see from you all as it feeds the reasons in why we do what we do!

When you’re a kid, you color with reckless abandon. You color outside the lines. You color however you feel. Blue elephants, purple trees, red bears, green oceans—it’s all good. As you get older, though, everyone tells you to stay inside the lines, to color everything just like you see it. You end up painting by numbers—whether you actually paint, or whether you write or sing or dance or act or direct… Here at GINA we choose to live a colorful life, full of laughter, and in the pursuit of all things nostalgic and cool… We’re a bunch of Girls IN Action just finding our way! It’s time you step outside your comfort zone, take off the training wheels, pursue your passions and become your own GINA today!